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How To Explainations and Software with Source
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To get the most out of technology, inevitably one needs to identify and scrutinize its fundamental source. Sometimes that can mean reviewing the human readable source code of a computer program, HTML of a web page, human readable configuration files, or having confusing technical jargon explained. Below are some resources we have developed that use clear language and source code to explain and demonstrate various technologies.

  • images - basic image file manager web application (PHP/MySQL compatible)
  • daytimer - powerful online calendar, stay tuned!
  • bog - Minature flat file based web log
  • emailer - server side CGI emailer program to send email directly from a form on a web page. The comments form shows it in action.

Legacy Software

twirl -

Incredibly compact (less than 100K!), open source, integrated HTML & VRML stand alone web browser for Power Macintosh.
zetup -

Compact 'scriptable' universal setup program. Excellent for simple CD front ends.
  • myprintf - simple Win32 project showing how stdio console I/O or Win32 GDI text output can be dynamically linked to a single myprintf() function. Handy way for a single debug/status function call to support many different platforms.
Resources Elsewhere
zap technologies

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