1999 | Burning Man 1998

Travel 1999 VI V IV III II I this page updated January 6, 2000
Greenwich III Official Greenwich Mean Time clock at Meridian Building east of London
Greenwich II View of Thames and the Millennium Dome from atop hill in Greenwich, east of London
Greenwich I
Cutty Sark, Docklands
Docklands Thames I The Thames and Cutty Sark in the Docklands east of London
Docklands Footpaths II Docklands Footpaths I
Docklands Open Space footpaths east of London, England
Chunnel II The Chunnel. High speed railway passing under the English Channel (30 minute ride nominal)
Chunnel I
French WWI Memorial
French WWI Bomb Field
shops near Sacre Coer
Sacre Coeur
Paris III
Paris II ... Paris, France ...
Paris I
Napolean's Tome II Napolean's Tome I
Notre Dame VI
Napolean's Tome III Napolean's Tome II
Notre Dame I

Much more to come, stay tuned!