Shauker House


Saturday, September 25, 2PM till ...
Shauker House, Santa Clara
Ben's Solar Powered Interactive 3D Kiosk what a real hit. Thanks to Andrew for showing up with a necessary cable. Alan and Anna, co-workers Leigh used to work with at biotech Celtrix, surprised everyone with their tale of 8 months traveling through Africa and bicycling through Greece, Turkey, even parts of Bosnia, and up through central Europe. They also brought a thoughtful gift of Klingon Blood Wine (humor, actually it was a distinctively packaged Italian liquor and chocs). Leo and companion from Virtual Research, Dennis from Virtual Alchemy, Nola & Kim and even boss man Steve himself showed up and jingled the ivories after he and his new spouse Wendy returned from seeing favorably rated Stigmata. Also superb grilled eats (from chef's Aunt Sheila, Uncle Bunky and Leigh) disappeared quickly. Henry hosed down the compost pile and discussed the legend of Beowulf while Sarah and her sister showcased the next wave of truly fashionable eye wear for geeks (I am wearing them now). Rachel and Josh kept the kitchen bar lively. Joe discussed routers with Nola's fiend Kim. Lionhearth Kirk and Stasia (provider of excellent VRML content for twirl: my open source browser) brought extra num nums for the grill. Stasia's boy friend Ian (who has a new startup software company) brought co-worker Devon and Stephanie (just started at Atari) who were very keen to checkout Ben's kiosk. Thanks to our neighbors, Gayle and Cliff for loaning the very popular outdoor table and chairs.

Inteloids (Ben, Steve, and yours truely) using the recently charged up solar powered 3D interactive touch screen Kiosk which was stationed in the back yard during the party. Previously Ben created this Kiosk for buring man 1999

stay tuned for more pictures ...