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Ford Hybrid If I drive like a pig my 2007 Hybrid Escape FWD drops down to 32 MPG, but if I'm gentle and use the low gear alot (its actually not a low gear, just more regeneration factor so less direct braking) I get over 36+ MPG most of the time. Also, I live on the ocean side of highway 84. Most of the downhill engine stays off :-) Strangely, the 2008 Ford Escape FWD seems to get slighty worse MPG than the 2007.  Elsewhere: fob reset

Use the MPG numbers from, as far as I can tell other sites play favorites. EPA changed the tests used to generate 'official' MPG values, for the most part this effectively lowers the MPG numbers for all cars 2008 and thereafter. So 2007 and 2008 cars may seem to have wildly different 'official' MPG specs, but the user ratings won't show much of a change. Front wheel drive (FWD) hybrid gets better MPG than four wheel drive (4WD) hybrid. Often competitor sites willfully ignore the higher FWD MPG numbers of competing products.

I looked at Toyota Highland 4WD Hybrid, the Ford Escape Hybrid easily gets better MPG that Toyota's SUV. Prius 46 MPG, Civic Hybrid 45 MPG are just too small for me. Most other hybrid I think license technology from Toyota far as I can tell. Only Ford and Toyota have full 3rd generation capability - Honda does a lot with older hybrid technology. Nissan Altima 35 I guess is ok. Other hybrid seem pointless to me: Chevy Tahoe 2WD Hybrid 20 MPG, Chevy Malibu Hybrid 27, Vue Hybrid 25, Auro hybrid 27.
Historic Shauker House: Leigh & Frederick's historic digs in Santa Clara. Check our renovation plans in 3D VRML.

Cottage in La Honda, in the middle of the Santa Cruz Mountains

Sony DCR-TRV240 Handycam Digital-8 Digital Camcorder
IPO Assault Vehicle Land Rover Discovery, late Silicon Valley IPO assault vehicle. Was excellent for grocery runs in heavy El Nino downpours, towing or snow driving through the Sierras.
Apple PB1400 Apple PowerBook 1400 with 3rd party ethernet adaptor is still powering this retro webcam in the Shauker House.
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