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Wireless IP (CDPD)
what it is and why its cool ...
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(fredness), September 16, 2000 - updated May 18, 2001

above Merlin Wireless CDPD card in action

CDPD Service Providers:

Laptops/OS tested:
  • Apple PowerBook 1400
    MacOS 9
  • Sony VIAO F490
CDPD Products NOT tested:

CDPD is a service that allows wireless Internet access almost anywhere a mobile phone can be used. Because a mobile phone is not needed, affordable service plans with unlimited use are common.

What you need to use CDPD
  • a mobile computer with a free PCMCIA slot
  • a CDPD compatible PCMCIA card
  • an OS that runs on the laptop and accomodates the CDPD PCMCIA driver
  • an active CDPD service plan

CDPD stands for Cellular Digital Packet Data

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