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About zap technologies
updated October 2, 1998

What is zap technologies?

Well it is not a company and its not a person. Its more an idea that never went away. The mandate of zap technologies is to creatively go where no one has gone before, literally. That being a bit impractical, it was decided instead to at least setup a web site in honor of this mandate. To this end zaptech is a web site repository of research, code, know how, and musings about the future and the information force called the Internet.

At zaptech.com you will find snippets of source code and executables that demonstrate simple but powerful fundamental capabilities of the Internet and related technologies. You will find a gallery with artwork and models designed or collected by zap technologies that share raw pedagogically useful characteristics for designers and abstract virtual sculptors of Internet space. And there are plans for products and information services developed for free and with open source that help organize, share, and visualize data in new ways.

Who is zap technologies

The progenitor of zap technologies and planet zebulon is Frederick Shaul a computer engineer with a modest background in the computer audio and graphics industry and a penchant for bizarre and colorful tangential thought. But zap technologies is more than a labor of love of one person, it is about the spirit of free design in a new medium. As such it is a shared expression contributed to by many.

Where is zap technologies going

zap technologies absorbs the world and responds. To those who have journeyed to planet zebulon we are all pathetically technically illiterate and striving against technological obstacles that shouldn't exist. It is about imagination and creativity and the theory and tools necessary to express these things in our modern age. Its about disassembling the false insurmountable barriers that industry and society erect to protect its elite and reasserting the fundamental theories and techniques that allow anyone to express themselves creatively. zap technologies endeavors to unleash the creative force where ever techno-jargon, false pretense and vested interests artificially vie to make the act of expression unnecessarily harsh or difficult.

Precepts of zap technologies
  • tools that minimize obstacles to expression
  • design which maximize information density with regard to function
  • commentary that speaks to the pursuit of productive rapture
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